Strive is a wearable technology for athletes. We enable your clothing with EMG technology to capture performance insights to empower real-time decision making. Coaches can seamlessly monitor muscle activity during training, return-to-play, practicing and playing with sensors embedded into athletes’ compression shorts. Strive goes beyond external load by capturing Muscle Load, Muscle Symmetry, and Muscle Ratio. Mechanical efficiency requires optimal power output from each muscle, as athletes fatigue and specific muscle groups fatigue mechanical efficiency is degraded and athletes are at risk. Current clients include professional and collegiate sports teams, US Military and physical therapy clinics.

Strive Tech 24000 35th Ave. SE #102 Bothell, WA 98021 / 312.669.4784
Contact: Derek Wester / 312.669.4784 / [email protected] www.wearstrive.com

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