1. Strength Training to Improve Connective Tissue Health and Performance

Strength Training to Improve Connective Tissue Health and Performance

Presented by: Dr. Keith Baar

During this presentation, Dr. Keith Baar will discuss the following:

  • Role of collagen synthesis in muscle strength
  • Length of work (short bouts with 6-8 hours in between)
  • Importance of load (tensional load is the key)
  • Role of movement velocity on health and performance
  • Dietary collagen to support adaptation

About Dr. Keith Baar

Professor Keith Baar received his PhD from the University of Illinois where he discovered the molecular signal that causes load-induced muscle hypertrophy. Keith is currently the head of the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory (FMBLab) at the University of California Davis.

Over the last 15 years, Keith has worked with elite athletes, as the scientific advisor to Chelsea Football Club, USA Track and Field, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, British Cycling, The English Institute of Sport, Leicester Tigers Rugby, and the Denver Broncos. He also spent time as an assistant strength coach with the University of Michigan football team where he was an undergraduate. Keith’s current work is focused on how loading and nutrition alter tendon/ligament/ECM health and performance.


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